Thursday, February 22, 2007

Last night meeting

Last night I have community meeting with Mr. Onno W . Purbo, he's an expert on cheap Internet connection. He was lecturer on ITB before.
The participant comes from club like KPLI (linux club), MUGI (ms windows club), telecommunications company, local government and students from STIKOM.
The meeting taking place at the STIKOM meeting hall.
The topic is how to make this city (Balikpapan) being a cyber city.

This is some questions from participants...
What we can do with OSS (Open Source Software), to make that goal?
Technically, how firstly to do inside on this city?
How to get everything cheaper?

Mr. Onno answer...
That we firstly must starts from schools with their early chidren. Then for lowering the cost we must use open source OS just like Linux and their application considering that OS was free.
And for the internet connection we can use connection just like RT/RW net, means we share ADSL connection with WiFi or cable connection to the others, so we can connect together with our neighbor or other person. The connection will be more cheaper for every person if more people join to our community.

Other statement from participants are...
The local government has sign the commitment letter to make this happen too.
Some big companies are ready to support this idea too.

Other inputs from participants are..
Local government should support free internet to all school including non government school, to make those idea come true.

In my opinion it must start by now from schools to get more impact in the future, use the linux os and open source software like Open Office, GIMP, and the others.
We (KPLI) just make a new server and repository on a non government school named kartika, and we still needs good internet connection to do that.
The school administrator was supported us very much, and they let their computers lab divide into 2 parts. We installed linux for half of the lab and let microsoft in the others.
And we plan to make book's about how to use Linux and other free software.

Thanks for your attention, see u in my next article.

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